NYC: Cuomo cuts kill, March 1


Cuomo Cuts Kill

633 3rd Ave, New York, NY 10017-6703, United States

This year, Gov Andrew Cuomo is proposing billions of dollars in cuts from AIDS and other healthcare services while Covid wreaks havoc across the state.
But a coalition of grassroots groups is fighting back as part of the Invest In Our NY campaign! The campaign is pushing Cuomo and the legislature to pass 6 bills in the coming months that would tax the wealthy to close the budget gap and prevent the cuts that Cuomo is proposing.

The 6, long-overdue bills are:

-Progressive Income Tax
-Capital Gains Tax
-Heirs’ Tax
-Billionaire’s Tax
-Corporate Tax
-Wall St. Tax

Together, they could raise $50 billion that would restore billions to Medicaid, cancel rent for low-income NY-ers, and much more!
Join us outside Gov Cuomo’s office to tell him that his cuts kill!

WHAT: Cuomo Cuts Kill
WHEN: Mon, March 1, 12pm Noon
WHERE: 633 3rd Ave between 40th and 41st St.; NYC
TRAINS: 4,5,6,7 to Grand Central

**Please wear a mask and social distance at this and at all times in public**

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