Petition: Support Bessemer Amazon warehouse union drive

On Feb. 19, Los Angeles union activists and community groups will hold a rally in front of the office of Morgan, Lewis & Bockius. This giant union-busting law firm was hired by Amazon to defy fair labor practices, intimidate and lie to 5,800 Amazon workers during their historic union drive. Please consider signing the petition whether you are a union member or other member of the workforce, employed or unemployed, retired or a student.

We are proud union members and supporters, and we stand in solidarity with the thousands of Amazon workers in Bessemer, Ala., during their historic union election.

Amazon has historically neglected the safety of its workers and has not only seen an increase in worsened working conditions, but an increase in the corporate giant’s profit margins during a global pandemic. Jeff Bezos has hired Morgan, Lewis & Bockius to turn back the will of the workers at Bessemer — a workforce that is 85% African Americans struggling for respect in a so-called “right to work” state.

We demand Amazon pay its workers a living wage, hire enough staff to ease the impossible work quotas, pay hazard pay during the pandemic, abide by measures recommended by health experts, and live up to all other long-established standards of safety. Most important, Amazon must negotiate with the collective voice of its workforce.

We call on Morgan, Lewis & Bockius to stand down! Stop targeting Black workers! End the deceitful and unfair union-busting tactics against these hard-working warehouse workers and allow a free and fair vote for union representation!

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