Congratulations to Donetsk communists on 5th anniversary of Vperyod

Dear comrades,

The Socialist Unity Party of the United States and our publication, Struggle-La Lucha, send you warm congratulations on the 5th anniversary of the website publication Vperyod (Forward), organ of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Donetsk People’s Republic, on Feb. 15.

From our position, struggling inside the belly of U.S. imperialism, it is nearly impossible to get news about developments inside the Donbass republics from the corporate media. What little is reported there is distorted and slanderous. So the existence of Vperyod is essential to us to receive real information on the situation of the workers’ and progressive movement in Donetsk.

In addition, the comrades of Vperyod never neglect the importance of international solidarity. On your site we can see the great significance that Donetsk communists attach to the international struggle for socialism and against imperialism, through reports and statements of solidarity, not only with the peoples of the former USSR, but with Cuba, Venezuela and many other places.

We cherish the bonds of solidarity between our publications and organizations. Together, we know that a new world — a socialist world — is not only possible, but inevitable.

Socialist Unity Party (U.S.) and Struggle-La Lucha newspaper

February 12, 2021

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