Ecuador: In defense of democracy, we call for electoral vigilance

Supporters of the presidential candidate Andres Arauz march, Quito, Ecuador, Jan. 26, 2021. Photo: EFE

The Network in Defense of Humanity celebrates the growing electoral strength of progressivism in Ecuador, led by Andrés Arauz and Carlos Rabascall, a force that puts on stage its victory in the contest of February 7. We hope that this victory will be celebrated by all the peoples of Our America on the road to cementing a regional project.

Precisely because of this, in the context of the dispute that neoliberalism imposes on a proposal for sovereignty raised by progressivism, there have been troubling maneuvers contrary to the rules and institutions of the rule of law, established by the Constitution of Ecuador. We have witnessed violations of inalienable rights, such as the cessation of the political rights of progressive actors and movements; there have even been violations of the rights of citizens by attempting to truncate the electoral process itself.

With this background, while celebrating the democratic spirit of the Ecuadorian people, the Network demands that the government and the electoral authorities of Ecuador fully respect the will of the people as expressed at the ballot box and ask for guarantees that the elections will be transparent and flawless before, during and after the casting of the ballots.

The Network in Defense of Humanity makes an urgent appeal to progressive and democratic forces around the world to be vigilant and watch very carefully the Election Day of 7 February, and with their watchful eye, avoid the misappropriation of the electorate’s preferences.

We ask international bodies to certify the non-interference of Lenín Moreno’s government, nor of foreign actors, such as the president of the OAS, Luis Almagro, or others, in the electoral process.

We call on the electoral observation delegations to take note of: 1) the impediments to the holding of elections in different places that concentrate the migrant vote; 2) the validity of the legislative elections for the Andean Parliament; 3) the clean counting of the vote in all scenarios.

For democracy to be reborn in Ecuador, it will be necessary to adopt an attitude of permanent participation and vigilance and to be absolutely intolerant of any attempt to pervert the purity of the vote or to ignore the will of the people.

Guaranteeing democracy for the peoples of our America is a task for all of us!

Our America, February 4, 2021  

Executive Secretariat of the Network in Defense of Humanity

Source: Resumen

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