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Dec. 9, 2020, will mark the two-year anniversary of our publication, Struggle-La Lucha (SLL). We are proud that it has continued to bring news and revolutionary socialist analysis of critical developments in this past year.

As soon as the Black Lives Matter uprising took to the streets, we were able to publish hard copies of our newspaper and distribute papers from Los Angeles to New York City, from Baltimore and Washington, D.C., to San Diego and Atlanta, and at many other protests during the critical summer months despite the pandemic. We also expanded our online subscriptions by 75% in the past year.

Struggle-La Lucha analyzed the U.S. elections, the COVID and capitalist economic crises and published the popular series “Socialism and Dignity.” We continued with our international coverage of global developments and U.S. imperialism’s relentless war drive.

Struggle-La Lucha is dedicated to strengthening the movement and building unity. We publish daily news links and include a section for events, for What is Marxism? and on how to join the Socialist Unity Party.

We’ve been able to do this because of your support. 


Despite these difficult times for the working class, we are optimistic about a socialist future and our role in it. We have plans to amplify the voice of socialism. This includes:

  • Expanding our print schedule in preparation for distributions
  • Special national ad campaign to increase readership 
  • Free subscriptions to prisoners and low-wage, front-line workers
  • Expanding our YouTube channel and updating our technical infrastructure

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Follow the reporters you’ve learned to know and trust from the front lines in the struggle for socialism: John Parker, Sharon Black, Lizz Toledo, Cheryl LaBash, Gloria Verdieu, Gary Wilson, Zola Fish, Steve Millies, Bayani, Scott Scheffer, Greg Butterfield and many others.

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Looking forward to a socialist future.

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