Free Leonard Peltier! #FreeThemAll #DayofMourning

Special Webinar on Leonard Peltier during Indigenous Peoples Month

Special guest speaker Zola Fish:
Zola Fish, is a member of the Choctaw Nation, San Diego Socialist Unity Party, an Organizer with Leonard Peltier Defense Committee and many coalitions including the Committee Against Police Brutality and San Diego People Power’s Assembly.

Van Cherry Green, Baltimore PSC and PPA
Green will speak on the unjust incarceration of her husband, Duryea Green. He has been wrongfully imprisoned for close to two decades. Van Cherry along with the Prisoners Solidarity Committee and the Peoples Power Assembly have been fighting to free him. The police officer in Green’s conviction is a corrupt cop who is now charged with extortion and kidnap. Duryea suffers from cancer and has had to deal with the prison system’s failure in handling the COVID 19 pandemic.

Sponsored by: Prisoners Solidarity Committee, Peoples Power Assembly, Struggle-La Lucha

Statement from Leonard Peltier to the National Day of Mourning

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