Los Angeles: Protest and Resistance Against Trump or Biden! Nov. 7

Saturday, November 7, 2020 at 9:00 AM PST

Whichever capitalist candidate “wins” the election on Nov. 3rd, history has proven that BOTH Trump AND Biden would CONTINUE:

-Imperialist wars around the world
-ICE raids & Deportations
-Keeping our children in cages
-Supporting police terrorism in our communities
-exploiting the working class

If Trump wins the election, the terror will escalate and if Biden wins, the terror will surely continue. We cannot be fooled by the Democrats who make false promises to our communities to get our votes but then stab us in the back EVERY time.

The Republicans AND the Democrats only serve the interests of the rich! Only an organized community can defend itself from constant attacks from both parties!

In response to the continue attacks against our communities, we are NOT just calling on people to march but to also organize with us to build COMMUNITY SELF DEFENSE.

Help us build “Comités de Resistencia” in every neighborhood. We will organize to protect our communities from ICE kidnappings/deportations, police terrorism, attacks on street vendors and any other attacks against the people in our communities including Black, Brown, Indigenous, LGBTQI+, EVERYone! More information about this effort will be shared at this protest so please join us!

We ask that EVERY participant wear a mask and to practice social distancing as best as possible. Let’s all work together to fight this colonial virus.

This event is being organized by Union del Barrio- Los Angeles.

If your organization would like to endorse this action, please message us directly. Thank you!

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