New York: Puerto Ricans Blame Trump for Maria Deaths, Sept. 20

Sept. 20 at 10 a.m.

Trump Tower New York

Over 4,645 Puerto Rican’s died during and after Hurricanes Irma and Maria due to the gross, racist, reckless and diabolical disregard for Puerto Rican lives by Trump and his putrid administration. On this somber anniversary, when the devil in the White House is claiming to be the best thing to happen to Puerto Rico, let’s remind him and the world that he’s the worse thing to have happened to Puerto Rico and the planet. That his last minute attempt to buy our silence and our vote will not succeed and that we will not stop until he is held accountable for the needless deaths of countless Puerto Rican’s.

Please wear black
Please bring a candle
Please bring flags
Please wear a mask
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