Free Denzel! Muambi Tanga of African People’s Socialist Party speaks

Muambi Tanga from the African People’s Socialist Party speaks on the case of community activist Denzel Draughn in San Diego. Denzel was arrested Aug. 28 during a protest in solidarity with the Kenosha uprising and charged with 19 felonies.

On Monday, September 14, supporters will begin a major call-in campaign. The five major demands are: Free Denzel; lower the bail; drop all charges; Black community control of police; reparations for Denzel’s family.

Special thank you to both Gloria Verdieu, contributing writer for Struggle-La Lucha and Socialist Unity Party organizer from Dallas, and Carl Muhammad, San Diego Committee Against Police Brutality, for arranging this interview. FREE DENZEL NOW!

To learn more about the case and what you can do to support Denzel, please go to or email

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