Don’t blame Russia for Trump

Time Magazine cover from 1996 celebrates U.S. interference in Russia’s elections.

Russia didn’t put Donald Trump in the White House. Large sections of the U.S. billionaire class did, with help from the FBI. 

Yet most of the corporate media convicted the Russian Federation of the crime. The country is now being accused of using Facebook and Twitter to help reelect Trump.

The New York Times claims that Russia’s Internet Research Agency is “targeting Americans with misinformation.”  What’s the real story? 

  • It was the U.S. Supreme Court that gutted the Voting Rights Act ― not Russia.
  • Russia didn’t create the Electoral College that selected Donald Trump to be president despite Hillary Clinton receiving nearly 3 million more votes. It was the slave master James Madison who devised the Electoral College to protect slavery.
  • The capitalist media gave Trump nearly $3 billion of free publicity. NBC made this racist clown a nationally known figure by giving him his own TV show.
  • Eleven days before the 2016 election, then-FBI Director James Comey sent a letter to Congress virtually accusing Hillary Clinton of crimes involving her email server. In 2020, the police state apparatus is solidly behind Trump in trying to crush the Black Lives Matter movement.
  • While some billionaires oppose Trump, the day after the 2016 election, the Dow Jones Industrial Average shot up 272 points. No billionaires refused Trump’s tax cuts for the super rich.

The campaign against Russia diverted the struggle against Trump. It plays into the hands of Pentagon generals, who want to occupy Russia’s 6 million square miles. There’s a real danger of a U.S. war against Russia and China.

Instead of allegations concerning Ukraine and Russia, Trump should have been impeached for racism. That’s what Texas representative and Black Congressional Caucus member Al Green advocated. 

World’s biggest liar points at Russia

It’s the CIA that drenches the world with lies. Radio Free Europe was a CIA front. So was Radio Liberty, aimed at the Soviet Union.

The Pentagon spent at least $5.5 trillion between 1940 and 1996 on nuclear weapons aimed at the Soviet Union. That money should have been spent on reparations for Black and Indigenous people.

The socialist Soviet Union’s downfall was an immense tragedy for poor and working people everywhere, just as Reconstruction’s overthrow was for Black people in the U.S. 

U.S. capitalists continued to meddle after the Soviet Union’s breakup in 1991. U.S. election consultants bragged that they helped reelect Russian President Boris Yeltsin in 1996. 

The CIA’s payroll was filled with lying propaganda experts. Among them were David Atlee Phillips and E. Howard Hunt.

Both of them worked to overthrow Guatemala’s democratically elected president, Jacobo Árbenz, in 1954 on behalf of United Fruit. In the decades following the CIA’s Operation PBSuccess, 200,000 people, overwhelmingly Indigenous, were murdered by death squads.

Phillips would later play a key role in President John F. Kennedy’s assassination, while Hunt went to jail for President Richard Nixon’s Watergate burglary.

Other U.S. propaganda assets include Voice of America, Radio Free Asia and Radio Martí, beamed at Cuba. In 2018, the U.S. Agency for Global Media spent $803 million on these lie machines.

CIA executive Frank Wisner called the agency’s propaganda efforts a “Mighty Wurlitzer” organ. The CIA even operated a daily newspaper in Rome, the Daily American. 

Operation Mockingbird was the CIA’s influence program aimed at the United States. Dozens of newspapers, magazines and broadcasting companies willingly participated in this illegal program.

Among them were Time, ABC, CBS, NBC and the New York Times ― the same outfits that are now attacking “Russian propaganda.” Journalist Carl Bernstein, who helped expose the Watergate scandal, estimates 400 editors and reporters wrote stories supporting U.S. military intervention and coups through this program.

Directing Operation Mockingbird was Cord Meyer, whose wealthy family developed the swanky Forest Hills neighborhood in Queens, N.Y.

Mary Pinchot Meyer ― Cord Meyer’s ex-partner ― was murdered in what many people believe was a death connected to JFK’s assassination. The U.S. government attempted to frame a Black man, Raymond Crump, for the crime, but his lawyer, Dovey Roundtree, secured an acquittal from the jury.

Denying El Mozote massacre

The lying continued years after Operation Mockingbird was exposed.

The Washington Post and New York Times capitulated to the Reagan administration after reporting about the El Mozote massacre in El Salvador. Around 1,000 people, including hundreds of children, were killed by U.S.-backed forces there on Dec. 11, 1981. 

The Wall Street Journal called the articles written by Times reporter Raymond Bonner “communist propaganda.” Abe Rosenthal, the Times’ managing editor, then transferred Bonner from El Salvador to the paper’s financial desk in New York.

Alma Guillermoprieto, who wrote about the massacre for the Washington Post, was reassigned to cover the Maryland suburbs.

Last year, Congressperson Ilhan Omar righteously questioned Elliot Abrams about his role in the coverup. Like the Wall Street Journal, Abrams labeled reports of the massacre as “communist propaganda.”

War criminal Abrams, who coordinated death squads for Reagan, is now Trump’s point person in trying to overthrow Venezuela’s elected president, Nicolás Maduro Moros.

Our enemies are in the Pentagon and corporate boardrooms ― not in Moscow.

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