Stop the bombing! End the blockade! Let Gaza live!

Israeli warplanes bomb Gaza Strip Aug. 22. Photo: AFP

As Secretary of State Mike Pompeo illegally addressed the Republican national convention from Israeli-occupied Jerusalem, U.S.-made Israeli planes launched U.S.-made missiles into the Gaza Strip.

Since Aug. 1, Israel’s U.S.-made, U.S.-paid for, Israeli Air Force has bombed the besieged enclave every night. Israel’s Navy has shut down Gaza’s fishing industry, stopping the people of Gaza from fishing their own waters.

Israel has also blocked fuel from entering Gaza, forcing its only power plant to shut down. Hospitals have only a few hours of power a day, and 120 babies on incubators are at risk. This is while the 25-mile Strip is on 24-hour lockdown due to COVID-19. 

The U.S., Israel and their collaborators in Egypt have turned the Gaza Strip into the world’s largest prison. Nearly 2 million children, women and men are incarcerated there. Their crime: being born Palestinian in the land of Palestine.

Most of the families living in Gaza were expelled from their land a few miles to the north in 1948. The beaches there are now dotted with condos and luxury hotels for Western tourists and settlers. Now, the U.S.-Israeli blockade, begun in 2007, has made the place they were driven to uninhabitable. 

The U.S. corporate media are completely silent about the nightly bombing and the intensified blockade. Washington continues to pour arms and money to the Israeli occupation regime while people here in the U.S. face devastating unemployment and budget cuts. The people of the U.S. and the world must demand an end to the bombing and the blockade. Lift the siege on Gaza now! 

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