Philippine communists: Fight against Duterte’s terrorism entails greater sacrifice, courage and wisdom

July 18 — Today, the Filipino people enter a new stage of resistance against President Rodrigo Duterte’s tyrannical regime as his draconian terror law goes into effect. As it is set to use the new law to silence all criticism and opposition, all democratic forces are compelled to raise their level of courage and commitment to defend their democratic rights and fight state terrorism.

By signing the anti-democratic law of state terror, Duterte has shown the extent to which he is determined and desperate to defend and extend his reign of corruption, treachery and oppression.

Over the past years, he has unleashed the worst forms of state terrorism in carrying out a campaign of mass murder and destruction. Tens of thousands have been killed and terrorized in the bloody path towards establishing his authoritarian regime. With the terror law in the hands of the tyrannical monster, tens of thousands more are bound to be victims of his greed and brutality.

Mortally afraid of losing his power and facing judgement for all his crimes, Duterte seeks to perpetuate himself in Malacañang up to 2022 and beyond, even if confronted with widespread clamor for his resignation or removal. Expect the worst of state terrorism in the coming months as Duterte seeks to consolidate his power and secure the 2022 elections by eliminating all those who will dare to stand up to his tyrannical power.

The continuing fight against the tyrant Duterte and his reign of state terror will entail even greater sacrifice, courage and wisdom on the part of the Filipino people. With Duterte’s terror law, they will have to face greater threats of getting surveilled, wiretapped, arrested, imprisoned, subjected to various forms of torture or being killed. History shows us that the struggle against tyranny and dictatorship, oppression and exploitation is never an easy task. To bask in freedom and democracy, the people must endure the pain of arduous struggle.

Duterte is a rabid monster. But he is no match for the even greater power of the Filipino people. In the face of a fascist dictatorship, the broad masses of the people are called upon to muster their strength in great numbers by getting organized and marching as one. They must also learn when to conceal and when to declare their plans, when to flank and when to strike. They must fight wisely as they confront a fascist beast.

Duterte is a dying monster. He has devastated the economy and the people’s lives, and has made them ever vulnerable to disease and death as a result of his incompetence and failures. Determined and united, the Filipino people will attain certain victory in the fight against the Duterte regime.

Source: Philippine Revolution Web Central

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