Tell Atlanta officials: Hands off the Rayshard Brooks memorial!

Return Wendy’s to community control

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On June 12, 2020, Rayshard Brooks was murdered by officers of the Atlanta Police Department at the Wendy’s drive-through on University Avenue. Many community members witnessed the murder and were traumatized by the sight of Rayshard, a Black man and father, being shot in the back, kicked while he was down and his body stood on by a police officer as he lay dying. 

This happened in a poor, working-class, Black community that has witnessed and experienced the brutality of the APD for years. This time, the community decided to take control of this sacred space as a liberated zone for justice, grieving and community control. 

On Monday, July 6, Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms and the Atlanta police violently stole this liberated space from the community and destroyed Rayshard Brooks’ memorial. We demand:

  1. Return the community property, including posters, flowers and other donations, that were stolen from the Rayshard Brooks memorial.
  1. Return to our community the Wendy’s and surrounding area where Rayshard Brooks was murdered by the APD, as our healing and liberated zone. Police hands off!

Sign the petition

Also, please call, email and fax: 

Councilwoman Joyce Sheperd
Atlanta City Hall
55 Trinity Avenue, S.W.
Suite 2900
Atlanta, GA 30303-3584
Phone: (404) 330-6053
Fax: (404) 739-9255


Mayor Kiesha Lance Bottoms
Mayor’s Office
Phone: (404) 330-6100
Office of Constituent Services
Phone: (404) 330-6023

Petition initiated by the Peoples Power Assembly – Atlanta
Phone: (678) 603-6959

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