County workers picket anti-union politician

Photo: UFCW Local 1994

By a Local 1994 steward and bargaining committee member

Takoma Park, Md. — Bus drivers, librarians, nurses, clerical workers, teachers, sanitation workers — workers of all vocations — picketed the home of Montgomery County Councilmember Hans Reimer on May 16 in response to his “No” vote on the union contract that was successfully negotiated between United Food and Commercial Workers Local 1994 and County Executive Marc Elrich.

Our picket line was extremely well organized. We wore work uniforms and the number of walking pickets was limited ahead of time to the number that could socially distance safely.

Despite monies soon due the county under the multitrillion-dollar federal bailout, a majority of the term-limited council used the virus crisis as a political excuse to vote “No.” Ambitious and posturing for future campaigns for higher office, council members hope to garner financial support from the high number of millionaires in the county.

All members of the council are Democrats. As a particularly two-faced example, Reimer was chosen for the picket line, which wrapped around the long sidewalks of his corner property. Blowing their horns, dozens of cars driven by union members and their families circled the block in addition to the walking pickets.

Our signs and chants let the neighborhood know that all of Reimer’s speeches about how much he respects and appreciates county workers are nothing but cheap talk.

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