Delbert Africa Passes Mon., June 15, 2020

Delbert Africa & daughter, Yvonne Orr-El. Photo: Abdul R. Sulayman

Delbert Africa passed away last night on Monday, June 15, 2020. He was at home with his family around him. Delbert Africa was an early counterpart 42 years before George Floyd. Besides his original, brutal attack by Philadelphia police, Delbert was deliberately killed, methodically assassinated, by officials at the State Correctional Institution – Dallas as part of the government’s plan to get rid of all MOVE men they could get their hands on.

Delbert was receiving care for cancer at the end of his prison sentence at the local hospital. There the doctors and nurses said the prison provided a lot of wrong treatments on Delbert and they couldn’t even understand why the prison did what the doctor and staff did. But, MOVE knows, and Delbert’s supporters know why–it’s murder by prison officials. The same fate that Phil Africa and Merle Africa suffered. The same fate that is occurring to Black men and women all over America by brutal, racist police, and the system they serve.

The MOVE Family
Long Live John Africa Forever!

Source: On A Move

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