Baltimore June 12: Tell City Council: Defund the Police, Fund the People

Friday, June 12, 2020 at 4:00 PM – 6:30 PM EDT

Baltimore City Hall
100 Holliday St, Baltimore, Maryland 21202

Defund the Baltimore Police Department/ Fund the People!

We will be holding a rally and protest at City Hall Friday June 12, 4 pm to demand defund the Baltimore Police Department. We say not one penny!

The 2020 budget was over 509 million and the proposed increase for 2021 is 3 million.

We see defunding the police as a step toward full community control of the Baltimore Police Department. Right now the City is mandated by the State to fund the police department but there is no requirement on how much. The City has the ability to cut their budget and can fund the BPD 1 cent rather than the 509 million for 2021.

If Baltimore City chooses to stop the funding of the BPD; it paves the way to disbanding and rebuilding. We would then have approximately 6 months for the City to enact community control and address the issue of providing real safety for people.

The City is facing serious budget cuts and austerity. Every penny that is divested from the BPD can be spent on healthcare, education, jobs, sanitation and other numerous needs.”

What’s not acceptable is delaying moving on an urgent crisis and implementing band aid and ineffective reforms. Since the Freddie Gray rebellion we have seen very little change and instead what has been uncovered, but known by many in the community for years, is a police department riddled with corruption and abuse.

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