Donbass anti-fascists: Workers’ solidarity is also struggle against racism

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Dear comrades!

The whole world is now watching as protests unfold in the United States. And we agree with the idea that rebellion against racist police terror is a class struggle. The anger of the working class, especially its most oppressed, frightens those in power. They seek scapegoats, inventing conspiracy theories to hide the vices of capitalist society, which have become even more apparent.

Capitalism, entering a phase of deep crisis, aggravated by the pandemic, has exacerbated inequality, including racial inequality. The U.S. working class is plunging into poverty and unemployment, while North American capitalists continue to pursue imperialist policies around the world. The police protect only the rich, and for the poor, especially Black and Latinx people, they are the worst enemy. We remember the names of the unarmed Black brothers and sisters killed by racist cops. They cannot get away with all these crimes!

The United States was built on the blood and inhuman exploitation of Blacks and migrants, constant war against the working class, and the robbery and oppression of Native Americans. True working-class solidarity is also the relentless struggle against racism and other forms of oppression.

We, the people of Donbass, perfectly understand what constant terror is. For six years we have been living under fire from the Ukrainian Armed Forces, among which there are frankly neofascist battalions. This terror, unleashed against the people of the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics (DPR and LPR) and all those who disagree with this state of affairs in Ukraine, is openly supported by the U.S. capitalist class. The war in the Donbass has also become a training ground for the U.S. far right. And the echoes of our situation can be felt in your protests. For example, a former Ukrainian army soldier tried to ram protesters in Minneapolis.

We understand the grief of Black families who are losing their loved ones, relatives and friends — because of police terror, because of poverty, because of unemployment, and because basic medical care is not available to them. We must put an end to racism and neofascism around the world. These are links in the same chain. To remain neutral now means to be on the side of our common class enemy.

We express our solidarity with your struggle.

Down with racism! Down with capitalism!

Red Carnation Antifascist Community of Donbass
Aurora Women’s Club

Translated by Greg Butterfield

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