San Diego June 1: No More Blue on Black

Monday, June 1, 2020 at 5:00 PM – 8:00 PM PDT

1401 Broadway, San Diego

The police are never going to stop killing people until the public comes to grips with the reality that they are not bound by law to protect them. The reason they get away with murdering citizens is they are acting at the behest of the private interests who brought them into existence. Blacks and other people of color (poc) have long been the open targets of racist law enforcement policies like stop-and-frisk and humiliating and often deadly tactics like the one applied against George Floyd.

Reform will not work! The foundation of policing in America being intricately tied to private interests means the only way to end police violence once and for all is to ABOLISH KILLER COPS in our communities and to take an interest in organizing community “peace patrols” and employing medical and mental care professionals who originate from or now live in those oppressed communities.

In order to achieve this goal takes serious commitment and organization far beyond protesting. Protests are extremely important for a number of reasons, one of which is to create awareness to the general public that a problem exists. They also put the ruling elite on notice that the public is waking up. But in order to halt police violence in our communities, social, economic and political organizing is the ONLY solution.

George Floyds’ murder and the overall callous disregard shown for his well being by law enforcement shows yet again why the “Black Lives Matter” slogan is so appropriate. America has never shown Black people and POC’s that our lives matter and we should make 2020 the year that becomes no longer acceptable at any level.

Police Chief Nisleit sent condolences to George Floyds’ family, claiming to want to work “to build trust, establish clear policies, ensure consistent training, maintain open and honest dialog with our communities…”…all while he has killer cops Ben Downing, Devion Johnson and Johnathon McCarthy on his payroll! Jail Downing, Johnson and McCarthy and ALL killer cops!!!

Come to let law enforcement in San Diego we are not going to stand for police violence in our communities! Bring your creative but angry protest signs, noise makers and/or drums and join protests around the country in calling for JUSTICE FOR GEORGE FLOYD!! JAIL ALL KILLER COPS!!!

{{{{ Never comply with “orders” to incriminate yourself. Never comply with orders to participate in your own humiliation. Never comply with unlawful commands designed to entrap you. It is your duty to yourself, your family, community and people to defend yourself against aggression of all manner from all sources, including law enforcement. }}}}

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