New Orleans May 20: Solidarity with baristas picket line

Wednesday, May 20, 2020 at 7:00 AM – 11:00 AM CDT

New Orleans

Come support Still Perkin baristas on Strike as we fight for paid sick leave, PPE, $15 an hour hazard pay, and a written agreement to follow and enforce safety protocol and adherence to phase 1 safety guidelines.

Please wear masks and follow social distancing protocol. If you feel better not getting out of your car driving by and honking is encouraged!

Baristas were forced to take action to uphold emergency COVID 19 guidelines and to protect ourselves and our families.

Still Perkin’ baristas have been called back to work during a pandemic. This was done with no explanation of any new health or safety protocol. We are worried for our safety, and the safety of our families and customers. We organized (It is our Right to do so) and presented our conditions of return to our bosses (Kathy Redmann & Mike Fontham).

On May 16th, we went on strike after the owners refused to implement paid sick leave, living wages, and a written guarantee to follow and enforce safety protocol during a pandemic.

We deserve higher wages for higher risk. We deserve to feel safe in our workplace.

Our struggle for safety and higher wages is a part of a larger struggle of workers in New Orleans. Hospitality workers across our city face abusive work conditions, lack of benefits, wide spread wage theft, and discrimination .

We stand in solidarity with striking New Orleans sanitation workers who are fighting for higher wages, hazard pay, and daily PPE. Support the hoppers! We workers have the power to demand better! Together we will win.

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