Condolence message on the passing of Father Lawrence Lucas

Father Lawrence Lucas Photo: Bill Moore / Amsterdam News

It is with heartfelt sympathy that we send our condolences on the passing of Father Lawrence Lucas, one of the founders of the December 12th Movement. Father Lucas has such a rich and powerful history of activism in New York City and surrounding areas as he helped lead the fight for liberation of our Black and Latinx sisters and brothers who continue to suffer the injustices of the racist politicians and the state apparatus. 

While he was ordained as a priest in the Catholic Church, his voice and actions took a different direction than most. For over 50 years, he pushed forward without apology, never afraid to rock any boat as he spoke truth to power, as he took on the racist power structure for decade after decade.

Additionally, he was a strong defender of Zimbabwe’s right to its own self-determination, free of interference from the United States and its European allies in their continuing quest to control the peoples of Africa, her land and her resources. 

We shall all strive to carry on his tremendous legacy.

In solidarity,

Members of the Socialist Unity Party and Struggle-La Lucha newspaper

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