May Day Strike – don’t die for Trump, bankers and billionaires

No work, No rent, No shopping!

May Day General Strike


Workers and community groups across the country are calling for a general strike. This means that on May Day, International Workers Day, we do not work, shop or pay rent.

So plan ahead to stay home on Friday, May 1st.

Right now many essential workers beyond hospital workers – which includes grocery, warehouse (Amazon), delivery workers and many others are being forced to work without PPE. Workers have a right to refuse unsafe work conditions; and in this case it’s a matter of life and death. Trump is saying he is sending people back to work on May 1 — regardless of whether we are safe.

Many of us are unemployed and we will not be going back to work.

Instead show your support by not paying rent (many of us have no choice since we haven’t even received our first unemployment check) and definitely plan not to shop.

Send a message to bosses every where that our lives are more important than their profits and bottom line.
Strike! Don’t die!

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