Fighting racism during coronavirus crisis: April 4 National webinar / press conference

N A T I O N A L   W E B I N A R  &  P R E S S   C O N F E R E N C E

On the anniversary of Rev. Dr. King Jr.’s assassination

Fighting racism during the coronavirus crisis 

Saturday, April 4

11 am West Coast  •  1 pm Central Time  •  2 pm East Coast 

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S P E A K E R S   I N C L U D E
Rebecka Jackson  Harriet Tubman Center for Social Justice, Los Angeles
Jasmine Johnson  youth activist and recent high school graduate
Lee Siu Hin  National Immigrant Solidarity Network
Omowale Clay  December 12 movement
Pam Africa  MOVE Organization
Gloria Verdieu  Coalition to Free Mumia and All Political Prisoners
Reverend Annie Chambers  Baltimore housing activist, Peoples Power Assembly
Ron Gochez  Union del Barrio
Nana Gyamfi  Black Alliance for Just Immigration
Lizz Toledo  Latinx LGBTQ2S activist, Atlanta Socialist Unity Party
and others including front-line health care workers.


The coronavirus pandemic has been disastrous for the working class worldwide. But its impact on people of color, on Black and Brown communities has the potential of being labeled genocide especially in the the U.S. prisons and immigrant detention centers.

From Michigan to Louisiana, the death rates are staggering; the disparity between rich and poor, the Black and Brown working class neighborhoods in New York City, is equally obvious, with Queens being at the epicenter of the crisis.

Rep. Judy Chu reports that attacks on Asian Americans are now about 100 per day, mainly due to the jingoistic rhetoric against China, labeling the coronavirus as the China or Wuhan virus.

A large number of  front-line workers who are without PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) or hazard pay are people of color, about a third of them immigrants, including food servers at fast food and carryout restaurants, bus and MTA drivers, warehouse, postal and grocery workers and especially hospitals.

Rather than lift the inhuman sanctions and blockades of countries like Venezuela, Cuba, Iran, Zimbabwe and many other countries or speed and prioritize the delivery of ventilators, the Pentagon is again threatening Venezuela with false charges against President Maduro, with U.S. warships now deployed off Venezuela.

On the anniversary of the assassination of Reverend Dr. King Jr. it is imperative that we denounce racism and white supremacy in all its forms.

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