New Orleans: International Working Women’s Day March

Sunday, March 8, 2020 at 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM CDT

Congo Square
New Orleans, Louisiana

We welcome you to join us in support of the 2nd Annual International Working Women’s Day Rally and March on Sunday, March 8th, hosted by the New Orleans Peoples Assembly and the New Orleans Hospitality Workers Alliance, to support the continued building/strengthening of a revolutionary women’s movement.

Super Brief Background:

We know that Black women, women of color, and all nationalities in the southern states are the most impacted, and the most socially restricted by attacks on reproductive rights and capitalist exploitation of our labor (both paid and unpaid labor). We also know that women are a powerful force of resistance to all that oppresses us, as we work to build the world which we know if both possible is needed. Working women in New Orleans, Louisiana join only 4 other southern states in Alabama, Mississippi, South Carolina, and Tennessee in making a minimum wage of $7.25, though with the increasing cost of living would need at least $35 dollars to meet a decent minimum wage. However, we feel that it best to fight for a LIVING wage! We want our bread and roses!

And…out a a population of over 400,000 at least 1/3 of the city is made of hospitality workers to serve the tourism industry, and many workers in the French Quarter make less than $4 per hour due to the idea of tips making up the difference, which proves to be inconsistent time and time again. If our children and families are to have any chance at life, they will need LIVING wages for their work, and a city that adheres to equitable housing, education, healthcare, we could go on. It’s all connected!!!

The collective leadership and organizing of women workers, trans and non binary folk, is crucial to the path to revolution.

Here is some information for you, and ways you can get or continue to be involved:

Event Details:

Date: Sunday, March 8th
Time: 1:00pm
Meeting Location: Congo Square
Rally & March to Steps of City Hall

Rally & March Theme:

Women Demand Higher Wages
It’s a Wage War!
Hands Off! Arms Up!

Ways To Immediately Get Involved:

(1) You can share about this event and rally up family, friends and neighbors and join in at the rally and march. You can come alone and meet new people there, or you can organize a group of people you know to join us during the rally and march. Feel free to share the invite and flier with your network of invitees.

(2) You can contribute any amount to support the effort for materials and organizing needs for the day of the event, and the actions to follow. Please visit New Orleans Peoples Assembly website at: | You can simply click “CONTRIBUTE” at the top of the site, and know that no contribution is too big or too small for our gratitude!

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