Conference charts action to end blockade of Cuba

The newest endorsements for the International Conference for the Normalization of U.S.-Cuba Relations demonstrate once again that the people of the United States oppose the current president’s accelerating economic war against socialist Cuba. 

The event will be held at the Fordham School of Law in New York City on March 21-22. At this conference, participants can arm themselves with information and tools to bring the struggle to end the U.S. economic war into every social movement. Register and donate at

As demonstrated by 13 municipalities adopting resolutions against the blockade, organizers only need to ask to get support. In February, the Capital District of New York Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) unanimously voted to endorse the conference. Shortly after that, the Troy, N.Y., Area Labor Council, AFL-CIO, voted to support it. DSA chapters in Washington, D.C., and Richmond, Va., also recently added their support. 

The conference plenaries and six topic panels will culminate with a unified action plan to end the extraterritorial, unilateral, genocidal blockade that imposes great hardship and violates the sovereignty of the Cuban people. 

You can learn how to “Defend Your Right to Travel”;  “Build Cross Border Solidarity Between Canada and the U.S.”; and “Amplify Voices Against the Blockade” through resolutions and legislation.

Also find out about “The Impact of the Blockade of Cuba on the People of the U.S. and What We Can Do About It”; “Cuba, the Caribbean and Latin America”; and “Cuba and Medical Solidarity.” 

Hear from U.S. doctors who graduated from Cuba’s Latin American School of Medicine and doctors who’ve collaborated with Cuban medical teams to address the epidemic of Black infant and maternal mortality in U.S. cities. Meet environmental activists building exchanges with Cuba — internationally recognized as the globe’s most sustainable country. 

Learn how ministers are fighting to get U.S. visas for Cubans, something blocked by the intentional destaffing of the U.S. Embassy in Havana. Hear Cuban American voices against the blockade and activists from Puerto Rico, Haiti, Venezuela, Quebec and other parts of Canada.

In addition to representatives from the Cuban Mission to the United Nations in New York and the Cuban Embassy in Washington, members of the Federation of Cuban Women participating in United Nations Women’s Month activities will also attend to speak for themselves. 

On Saturday evening, March 21, at the historic Riverside Church in Harlem, a “Stand with Cuba” cultural event will feature the renowned Cuban Dance Band led by Pepito Gómez, movement hip-hop artists Rebel Díaz and Immortal Technique, plus the Legacy Women Drummers and Bomba Yo. 

So register now and join us in New York on the weekend of March 21-22!

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