Cyber Monday Baltimore Protest at BWI 2 Amazon Warehouse for Workers Rights

SLL photo: Sharon Black

Baltimore, Dec. 2 — It was an unbearably cold Cyber Monday night at the BWI 2 Amazon Warehouse at the 6 p.m. shift change, when the Peoples Power Assembly held an informational picket at the Amazon gate. The PPA is setting up a “Workers & Peoples Union.”

The protest gave support to workers’ rights and the protests taking place in Europe. The action also targeted Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’ refusal to stop investing in technology used by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement to detain and target immigrants.

Steven Ceci, a picket participant and former worker at the adjacent Amazon warehouse, pointed out that several police cars parked across from the protest and Amazon security–euphemistically called “ambassadors” by the company bosses–placed themselves between those picketing and warehouse workers in an obvious effort to block interaction between the two groups.  Any protest participant who wandered past the gate was quickly stopped by security.

Sharon Black is a former Amazon warehouse worker.


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