Black Solidarity Day 2020 – Begins Now!

Planning and organizing for Black Solidarity Day 2020 starts now.  Fifty years ago, the Monday before election day, November 3, 1969, under the visionary leadership of the late Dr. Carlos Russell, the New York City Black Community launched the first Black Solidarity Day. In that same spirit and determination, the Black Solidarity Day Coalition will begin organizing ‘A Day of Absence’ for Black people in NYC.  No work! No school! No shopping! Shut Em’ Down!

On Monday, December 2, 2019 at 7PM, the first organizing meeting will be held at Sistas’ Place, located at 456 Nostrand Avenue (corner of Jefferson Ave), Brooklyn NY. Meetings will be held on the first Mondays of every month thru November 2020. Black Solidarity Day 2020 organizing will be reflection, debate, and effective direct actions for a way forward for all of us.

“Black Solidarity Day 2020 is just as necessary as it was in 1969”, Omowale Clay, spokesman for the Black Solidarity Day Coalition of organizations stated. “This year we are facing tremendous contradictions politically and economically. In 1969 Black Solidarity Day’s purpose was to take direct action against the genocidal conditions affecting our community through the rise of police terror, mass judicial injustice and incarceration, the destruction of housing and health care, the assault of Black education and culture. And the fight for reparations, and the economic and political power of Black unity. To make an historical point, we must demonstrate our unity and power outside the electoral process, nobody owns our vote.

Today we must respect the power we have, be counted in the 2020 Census, and bring NYC to a halt.”

For more information contact the Black Solidarity Day 2020 Coalition / December 12th Movement at (718) 398-1766 or email, or #BLACKSOLIDARITY2020.

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