Newark, N.J., Nov. 15: Reverse CIA Coup on Bolivia: U.S. hands off Bolivia!

Friday, November 15, 2019 at 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM EST

Gateway Center (Newark)
Newark, New Jersey 07102

Mass protest against US backed coup on Bolivia

One Gateway, Newark NJ, location of this event – is the Newark headquarters for US Senators Menendez and Booker who bear direct responsibility for representing our interests on US foreign policy toward Bolivia.

Menendez and two other US Senators have been cited in audio evidence, reportedly as having directly signaled to the right wing elements that the US is backing – US support for this violent coup operation.

We will make our opposition loud and clear to US support for this extreme right wing and violent coup operation.

We will demand the restoration of constitutional rule and the restoration of Evo Morales to his rightful position as elected president of Bolivia.

We will demand NO US support or recognition of the illegitimate Golpista (coup) installed regime.

And we will assert our support and solidarity for the struggles of the Indigenous people including the recognition of their historic rights to land and resources, justice for the victims of the right wing violence, and a restoration of the process toward a more equitable distribution of land and resources to the Bolivian people.

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