Brooklyn, NYC Fri. Nov. 22: 2nd FTP Emergency Action Against NYPD and MTA

Friday, November 22, 2019 at 5:15 PM – 7:00 PM EST

Downtown Brooklyn

On Nov.1st, 2,000 of us took the streets of Brooklyn to warn De Blasio, Cuomo, and their lapdog army the NYPD that we wasn’t playing fucking games with them no more! We drew a line in the fucking sand. That we refuse to tolerate their escalation of violence against poor people, against the black, brown, indigenous, undocumented, and trans folk on the streets and in our subways.

We said FUCK YOUR $2.75! Cops out of the MTA! We said No new jails on stolen land. We said you got 11 billion for new jails?! You got it to repair NYCHA and free transit!

WE MEANT THAT SHIT! This city is at war with its own people. Denying us housing while you build luxury condos, new museum wings, and jails. Hiring an army of pigs to beat us down and harass us in the subways cuz we can’t pay. Now, they hired Dermont Shea who is the bastard behind the gang database as the new police commissioner. His work will be used to sweep all of the youth off our blocks en masse. WE SAY FUCK THAT!

We ain’t taking this shit no more!

NOV.22nd… ALLL OUT NEW YORK. Keep your eyes wide open.



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