Brooklyn, NYC Nov. 1: Emergency Action Against NYPD and MTA

Friday, November 1, 2019 at 5:15 PM – 7:00 PM EDT

McLaughlin Park
TILLARY St, Brooklyn, New York 11201

On Friday afternoon in Brooklyn, the NYPD went hunting for black & brown youth on the subway. On the Franklin avenue stop, 19 yr old Adrian Napier was held at gun point by a gang of police aiming their weapons through the subway cart windows as commuters screamed and ran for cover. On the Jay street Metrotech stop, NYPD repeatedly punched multiple teens in the face, tackling them to the ground. In the Bronx the week prior, Allan Feliz, Antonio Williams, and Victor Hernandez we’re killed by police.

City council votes in favor of building 8-12 new jails in this city and the escalation of violence and death upon poor and working class black & brown people is felt immediately!


We will not accept the appeasement of politicians who vote for cages and then issue statements calling for lukewarm investigations. Who make backdoor deals with police unions!


We will not allow crony non profits to play middleman reformist between the people and the police state while cashing checks from foundations who endorse cages!


We will not accept your concerted effort to disappear us. Whether through rigged rezonings and gentrification or through Police murder and incarceration!


The poor & working class people of this city are fucking tired of this shit! You will not erase us!!

#FTP || Original image by Ricky Flores @rickyflores

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