Solidarity with Ecuador

New York — Hundreds of people gathered in Corona Plaza in the Borough of Queens on Oct. 13 to demand that Ecuador’s president, Lenin Moreno, resign. Ecuadorian immigrants and their supporters hailed the mass uprising in the South American country. People stayed on the elevated platform of the No. 7 train to watch.  

Ecuador’s president betrayed his election promises and instituted wholesale cutbacks. The last straw was an increase in the price of fuel, which was demanded by the International Monetary Fund.

Chevron has pillaged the country for decades and has left vast ecological damage.

Indigenous peoples have been the most hard hit. They’ve taken the lead in the struggle. Five hundred years ago, before the genocide committed by the Spanish crown, the country’s capital Quito had been part of the Inca Empire.

Among the signs in Spanish that demonstrators carried were the messages that “We support our Indigenous siblings” and “Moreno out.”

SLL photos: Stephen Millies

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