International call for month of action for Georges Abdallah

Georges Ibrahim Abdallah is a Lebanese communist activist. He was arrested in Lyon, France, in 1984 and convicted in 1987 as the alleged founder of the Lebanese Armed Revolutionary Factions (FARL). In 1982, as Israel launched a murderous invasion into Lebanon to annihilate the Palestinian Resistance, with support from France and the USA, the FARL responded by bringing the war to the imperialist centers, its sponsors, its funders, its ruling elite order-givers and its arms dealers. Thus, FARL executed the head of Mossad in Paris and the U.S. military attaché in France.

Georges was legally eligible for release after 14 years in prison. On Oct. 24, Georges will have spent 35 years behind bars. All attempts for his release have been sabotaged by the French public authorities under open pressure from the U.S. But the fury aimed at Georges should not surprise us:

  • First, because he embodies the history of FARL and the end of impunity for imperialist powers, on their own ground.
  • He’s an example of the imprisoned revolutionaries who never surrendered their identities despite decades of detention and blackmailing.
  • Georges remains a defender of the revolutionary left historical project for Palestine, a project which is radically different from those of the various Islamist tendencies and of the Oslo surrenderers. This project is a united Palestine, from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea, where belonging to a religion, a community or a nationality wouldn’t result in privileges or oppression.

We support Georges Abdallah, not only because he’s been offering an inspirational example of resistance for 35 years, but also because as we support him we are supporting our own identity, history and political project. Considering the issues at stake, no one should be surprised by the fury aimed at Georges.

However, what should catch our attention is that the mobilisations of the solidarity movement–which we belong to–are too unequal and insufficient given the severity of the issues at stake, and we have to acknowledge this to move forward. Let’s not settle for a few press articles, a signature at the bottom of a call or a delegation in a demonstration. Let’s intensify the support campaign, everywhere and by all means. Let’s mobilize more widely while defending Georges’ political identity.

That’s why Samidoun, the “Palestine Will Win” collective and the French-speaking sections of the International Red Help:

  • commit themselves to intensify their efforts in the campaigns for the liberation of Georges Ibrahim Abdallah.
  • call upon all solidarity forces to massively, consistently and radically fight for that liberation.

Like every year, a demonstration will be organised for the anniversary of Georges’ arrest, in front of his prison in Lannemezan (High Pyrenees). This year, the demonstration will take place on Saturday, Oct. 19, at 2 p.m. We call for a massive participation in that demonstration.

We also call for a month of solidarity actions, everywhere in France and across the world. Solidarity initiatives in all countries and at all levels must be organized during that month. We call upon all solidarity forces to join this call and to engage in the October mobilization with all their strength.

Please see the full call for the week of action, with translations in 11 languages, at

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