Attempted medical murder of Delbert Africa

The MOVE ORGANIZATION would like to take the time right now to provide people with an update on our Brother Delbert Africa.

Yesterday, August 8th, Delbert returned to SCI Dallas and after processing was placed in the infirmary; Delbert was able to get a phone call to his MOVE Family where he was able to update us on everything.

This morning Family and supporters led a car caravan to both Geisgenger Hospital and SCI Dallas. Family was able to secure past work which we can utilize to obtain his medical records.

The second part of the caravan was to SCI Dallas, where Carlos and Will Africa were able to visit Delbert. Delbert appeared in good spirits but still very weak on the visit and was able to fill people in on everything.

At this point Delbert wants to focus on his parole hearing in September and getting out of prison. Delbert and family are waiting to obtain copies of the medical report and will take it from there.

Right now Delbert is taking his time to make the right choice and is leery after seeing what happened with Phil Africa and what is currently happening with Chuck.

We are in the process of preparing a second home plan for Delbert in the outlying areas of Philadelphia. If people have any suggestions on a second home plan if the first is denied or need more information you can call Sue Africa 215 387-4107 or Janine Africa 610 704-4524.

At this time Delbert and The MOVE Family would like to thank everyone who made calls, who shared the information through many networks etc. We greatly appreciate your support.


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