U.S. Hands Off Iran – Baltimore action, July 15

Monday, July 15, 2019 at 5:00 PM – 8:00 PM EDT

Bottom of Washington Monument, Centre and N. Charles Street

Hosted by Peoples Power Assembly

Educational and protest event on U.S. War on Iran!

Baltimore groups including Peoples Power Assembly, Youth Against War & Racism are joining with the national call by UNAC (United National Anti-War Coalition) for local protests on or around the weekend of July 13 – 14 calling for No War on Iran, No U.S. Coup in Venezuela, End Sanctions Now, Bring all the Troops Home Now.

The U.S. now spends almost 64% of every discretionary tax dollar on the military. It has about 20 times the number of foreign military bases as all other countries combined. Both major parties support ever increasing military spending and war, so it is up to the people to build a strong, independent movement to stop U.S. military aggression around the world. Join us!

With the recent drone attack and false flag incidences with on oil tankers off the coat of Iran, the prospects of another regime change war seem ever more probable. Let July 13 – 14 action be an answer from the antiwar movement. Join us!

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