Justice for Renardo Lewis – victim of police assault

Petition to win Justice for Renardo Lewis – victim of police assault!

Your help is needed to ensure justice for Renardo Lewis, a 39 year old Black man who was brutally assaulted by five Marietta, Georgia police.  In a cruel twist of justice, it is Lewis who is now facing felony charges on aggravated assault on a police officer, terroristic threats, and felony obstruction. This took place inside the Cobb Parkway IHOP restaurant.

An onlooker and witness filmed the entire incident and recounted that the police charges are false.  See for yourself: https://youtu.be/0MIETCCTvL4 https://youtu.be/axM8RwYFymw

Instead it was Lewis who was the victim of a racist assault by police.

The family of Renardo Lewis and the community are asking that all charges be dropped immediately so that he can return to the small family owned restaurant that he runs; they are also asking for an apology from IHOPs and that the police involved in this assault be fired and charged.

Please sign this petition:  We call on Acting Cobb County District Attorney, John Melvin to drop all charges on Renardo Lewis; we demand that IHOP restaurant issue an apology & restitution and that the involved police be fired and charged with assault.

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