Support Rasmea Odeh and Palestine

Rasmea Odeh

The delegates to the Unity for Socialism and Revolution conference, called by the publication Struggle-La Lucha, voted unanimously to express solidarity with Palestinian liberation leader Rasmea Odeh and condemn the revocation of her visa by the German government.

The German government’s actions, at the urging of the local fascist AfD Party, has prevented Odeh from speaking. The conference statement demands an end to police harassment of Odeh and other Palestinian leaders, and stands in solidarity with the Palestinian people.

Furthermore, the conference statement rejects any attempts to silence this crucial struggle or equate it to anti-Semitism. Rasmea Odeh’s right to struggle in support of her people must not be compromised. The Palestinian people have the right to speak out against the Israeli settler colonial state and its apartheid policies.

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