ILWU retiree Clarence Thomas on labor’s role in Palestinian solidarity

On May 23, 2024, Clarence Thomas was interviewed by brother Husayn Karimi. Karimi is one of the organizers of the successful People’s Conference for Palestine held in Detroit, Michigan, from May 24-26. Thomas’ statement on the video interview was intended to be aired during a Labor for Palestine Workshop at the conference. 

Shown here is the raw video footage. Unfortunately, the edited final presentation was not shown as planned. An unexpected appearance by a Palestinian General Federation of Trade Unions member caused a major adjustment in the program.  

Thomas’ interview is relevant not only in view of ILWU Local 10’s nearly two decades-long Palestinian solidarity actions. He explains why union actions in solidarity with Palestine to end the U.S./Zionist campaign of genocide – both here and around the world – are in the interests of the unions themselves. Please share the video widely.

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