China responds to Wall Street Journal publication slandering its relationship with Cuba

China Foreign Ministry spokesperson Mao Ming.

Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Mao Ming told a press conference in Beijing on Wednesday that China will not allow third parties to slander her country’s relations with Cuba.

In response to a Wall Street Journal publication, according to which there are listening stations in Chinese military bases on the island, she commented, “We have taken note of the report and also of the fact that the Cuban Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs, Carlos Fernandez de Cossio, has pointed out that the report has no basis whatsoever. The alleged Chinese military bases have never existed, nor have they ever been seen by anyone.”

Mao pointed out that not even the U.S. embassy on the island seemed to believe in friendship, camaraderie, and brotherhood between the two peoples.

She stressed that China and Cuba’s cooperation is solemn and, above all, open and direct. It is not directed against a third party and will never be accepted, nor will slander be allowed, as the report maliciously discredits both countries.

The spokeswoman urged Washington to stop interfering in the internal affairs of the Caribbean nation and denounced the economic, commercial, and financial blockade imposed on Cuba from the White House for more than half a century.

“The report mentions Guantánamo, which is the clear evidence of more than a century of illegal U.S. occupation of Cuba. The United States has imposed the blockade and sanctions against Cuba for more than 60 years, which has brought great disasters to the Cuban people,” he said.

She also denounced the permanence of the largest of the Antilles by the U.S. on the list of so-called state sponsors of terrorism.

“Throwing mud at others will not alleviate or take attention away from their own crimes. The United States must do the opposite. Stop interfering in Cuba’s internal affairs. Remove Cuba immediately from the list of so-called state sponsors of terrorism. Lift the blockade and sanctions against Cuba.”

Meanwhile in Havana, Radio Havana Cuba (RHC) reported that Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez sent out a similar response to the absurdity and slander of the accusation by reiterating his country’s rejection of the unfounded accusations reported in the United States media about the alleged existence of Chinese military bases on the Caribbean island.

The top Cuban diplomat denounced that, in contrast, (those institutions) “ignore the almost 800 bases the United States has around the world, including the one illegally occupied in Guantánamo (eastern Cuba), and converted into a center of espionage, torture, and interference in global instability.”

The day before, the Government of Cuba denied such slander, repeated on other occasions by the U.S. administration and the media, as part of a campaign of intimidation related to the island.

The continuous stream of absurd lies against Cuba coming out of the US government and their loyal corporate media outlets would be laughable if they didn’t have such serious consequences for the Cuban people.

Source: Cuba en Resumen

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