Palestine resistance demands full withdrawal from Gaza and complete cessation of aggression

Resistance News Network report from the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.

The position of the resistance factions is clear and firm: complete cessation of aggression and full withdrawal from the Gaza Strip

The war criminal Netanyahu firmly confirms he does not want to stop the war for narrow calculations and rejects Biden’s proposal contrary to American claims.

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine confirms that the announcement by the enemy’s Prime Minister, war criminal Netanyahu, yesterday in a televised interview, stating he “does not want to stop the war, and he wants a partial agreement to resume the war afterwards,” is a definitive confirmation that he does not want to stop the war and rejects Biden’s proposal in this regard, contrary to American claims.

This stance put forth by Netanyahu proves that he is the primary obstacle to the ceasefire agreement and indicates an American-“israeli” game to impose a ceasefire and prisoner exchange proposal without guarantees, allowing the occupation to resume aggression.

The Front emphasizes that the position of the resistance factions is clear and firm: any ceasefire must include a complete cessation of hostilities, a full withdrawal of the occupation from the Gaza Strip, the return of all displaced persons to their homes, reconstruction, the lifting of the siege, and the unconditional opening of all crossings.

The Front reiterates that the American position is biased towards the occupation and that its efforts to achieve a ceasefire are suspicious and dubious.

Regarding the war criminal Netanyahu’s remarks about “failed plans to have clans manage the Gaza Strip,” and that he “has other plans he will not disclose,” the Front stresses that no Palestinian or Palestinian entity agrees to play this dubious role and that there is national consensus to thwart this plan and determine the future of the Gaza Strip.

Netanyahu’s statements confirm his relentless efforts to prolong the war for narrow political calculations, even at the expense of “israeli” captives, disregarding all the realities on the ground, the appeals of the families of “israeli” prisoners, or the advice of zionist political and military leaders, who affirm the inability to achieve any goal in the Gaza Strip, that the occupation army is sinking in the mire of Gaza, and that the only solution is to reach a political agreement.

Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine
Central Media Department
June 24, 2024

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