Unmasking Maersk to defend Gaza

SLL photo: Stephen MIllies

June 20 — Hundreds of people came to New York City’s reference library on Fifth Avenue today to protest shipping giant Maersk making profits from the genocide in Gaza.

The notoriously anti-labor Danish corporation operates 786 ships with annual revenues of $51 billion. It is a vital Pentagon maritime auxiliary in U.S. wars for oil profits.

Maersk has made millions in shipping U.S. weapons to the Zionist regime that has killed 40,000 Palestinians in Gaza. A worldwide campaign to Unmask Maersk has been launched.

The Palestinian Youth Movement, part of the Shut It Down for Palestine coalition, called the New York City action. Other supporting organizations included PAL-Awda: the Palestine Right to Return Coalition; The People’s Forum; ANSWER Coalition; Party for Socialism and Liberation; NYC City Workers for Palestine; and Code Pink.

Reyna from AFSCME District Council 37 and City Workers for Palestine denounced Maersk for shipping the bombs that have killed over 15,000 Palestinian children in Gaza.

Protesters marched to the Grand Central Terminal and Grand Central Tower, where Maersk has its New York City offices. There, they rallied and hung huge banners, including one that read, “Maersk profits from Gaza Genocide.”


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