UC fails twice to break UAW strike; court issues restraining order

UAW 4811: “48,000 workers are ready for a long fight.”

After weeks of solidarity with student demonstrators, academic workers across the University of California system were ordered to halt their unfair labor practice strike until June 27.

UAW 4811, which represents 48,000 academic workers across the UC system, called the strike in response to UC’s serious unfair labor practices, which began on May 1 when the university allowed an organized mob to beat students, faculty, and staff attending a Gaza solidarity protest at UCLA. More than a hundred were injured, and dozens were sent to the hospital. The next night, the university called in riot police to arrest those protesters who remained. 

The union has denounced the restraining order and points out that this temporary restraining order does not mean the strike has been ruled “illegal.”

“UC academic workers are facing down an attack on our whole movement,” said Rafael Jaime, president of UAW 4811.

Orange County Superior Court Judge Randall J. Sherman issued the order. The ruling arrives after the UC tried and failed on two separate occasions to break the strike through lawsuits filed with the California Public Employment Relations Board (PERB) claiming UAW 4811 violated its no-strike clause.

Rafael Jaime responded, “PERB, the regulatory body with the expertise to rule on labor law, has twice found no grounds to halt our strike. I want to make clear that this struggle is far from over. In the courtroom, the law is on our side and we’re prepared to keep defending our rights — and outside, 48,000 workers are ready for a long fight.”

The court’s restraining order has galvanized support for UAW across many other unions. United Teachers Los Angeles members recently joined forces with UAW 4811 and 872 academic workers for a “Drop The Charges” rally outside of Los Angeles City Hall. The rally also received the support of LA councilmembers Hugo Soto-Martinez and Eunisses Hernandez.


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