Lyon roars: ‘Free Palestine! Free Georges Abdallah!’

Lyon, France — Another great success – after the last mobilization in Lannemezan on April 6, which brought together over 2,000 people – for the national demonstration for the release of Georges Abdallah called by the Campagne Unitaire pour la Libération de Georges Abdallah, co-organized by the Ligue de la Jeunesse Révolutionnaire and the Collectif 69 Palestine!

More than 3,000 participants turned out on Saturday, June 15, 2024, in Lyon to support the heroic resistance of the Palestinian people, Georges Abdallah, and two LJR comrades who will be tried tomorrow, June 18, for their support of Palestine and our comrade Georges Abdallah.

In this long, determined, and combative procession, numerous political and trade union organizations marched from the 4 corners of France and neighboring countries (Germany, Austria, and Spain), carpooling or using the two buses that left from Marseille and Paris.

In addition to the organizers, the event was also attended by (in no particular order, and perhaps not exhaustively… ) activists from FSE, JR, Secours Rouge Arabe, Collectif Georges Abdallah 74, Collectif Georges Abdallah 38, Collectif Georges Abdallah 33, Cause du Peuple, Nouvelle Époque, Comité Action Palestine, PRC, Thawra, Soutiens de Bagnolet, Fosse aux Lyons, ANC, FUIQP, Collectif Palestine Vaincra, UP Lyon, UP Marseille and UP nationale, UJFP, BDS, AFPS, OCML-VP, Ligue Communite Internationale, CGT UL Mirail, Solidaires, Comité Palestine 31, Action Antifasciste Paris Banlieue, Jeune Garde, France Insoumise, NPA, PCF, JC, UCL, Ensemble, CRI Rouge, Kurdistan activists, Solidarité Indonésie, Solidarité Kanaky, Partizan, Rote Fahne. All united around slogans and declarations unapologetically supporting resistance and denouncing the genocidal war waged by the Zionist entity and its imperialist and reactionary allies.

Once again, Georges Abdallah, your comrades were there, and they all reaffirmed their unwavering determination to continue the fight until your release!

Our thanks also go to the comrades who were unable to attend but who made this June 15, wherever they were, a day of action for the release of Georges Abdallah: in Hamburg, Bastia, Istanbul, Italy, Mexico, India, and elsewhere.

Palestine will live! Palestine will win! Free Georges Abdallah!

We are the people, and victory is ours!


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