First pro-Palestine contingent in Baltimore’s Pride Parade makes history

SLL photo: Sharon Black

June 15 — Dozens of activists made history as the first pro-Palestine contingent in the Baltimore Pride Parade. A huge Palestine flag along with the banners: “No Pride in Genocide, $$ for Gender-Affirming Healthcare, not War” Peoples Power Assembly and “Stonewall Means Fight Back” Socialist Unity Party led the contingent.

Thousands along the route cheered the group, many joining the chant, “Free, Free Palestine!” Drummers and horn instruments kept marchers’ spirits high, along with colorful placards, banners, and flags. Parents brought young children, and seniors who had participated in the original pride marches also attended.  

On-lookers eagerly grabbed hundreds of copies of the Struggle-La Lucha publication, including flyers advertising the National March for Trans Lives on Oct.19 in Columbus, Ohio. Flyers were also distributed demanding justice for Donnell Rochester, murdered by Baltimore City police.

The overall activity was organized by the Peoples Power Assembly and supported by many other local groups. After a mile of marching in the hot sun, the group finished exhausted but extremely elated, recognizing that this was a first declaring of “Baltimore supports Palestine.”


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