Struggle ★ La Lucha PDF – May-June, 2024

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  • Pride 2024: Solidarity with Gaza
  • Hundreds march in Philadelphia to free Mumia Abu-Jamal
  • Mumia to student protesters: ‘Shake the earth’ for people of Gaza
  • UCLA students for Gaza resist violent attacks by cops, Zionists
  • Resist the witch hunts!
  • Los Angeles marchers link arms with student protesters
  • Build a movement to stop genocide from Los Angeles to Gaza!
  • ‘Trump & Biden, no solution!’ Revolutionary march in San Diego
  • May 1 with Baltimore students
  • New Orleans celebrates diverse working class
  • Twenty thousand march in New York
  • Behind southern governors’ anti-union agenda
  • UAW workers at Daimler Truck win big wage gains: Organize the South!
  • Cisgender activists speak: Why is supporting trans rights important?
  • Louisiana needs a statewide anti-Landry movement
  • Conga in Cuba against Homophobia & Transphobia
  • Biden, Congress stoke war on all fronts with $95.3 billion package
  • Joe Biden’s ‘antisemitism’ farce
  • U.S. administration fully responsible for escalation of aggression in Gaza
  • PFLP: Solidarity with student protesters
  • Nakba protest: Cops arrest hundreds of Palestinians and supporters in NYC
  • Thousands march in NYC demanding ‘Hands off Rafah!’
  • Guantánamo Peace Seminar: A global call for justice and resistance
  • Never forget the U.S.-NATO bombing of China’s embassy!
  • Nicaragua’s Day of National Dignity
  • La privatización mata
  • Por Palestina libre conga contra la Homofobia y la Transfobia en Cuba

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