Struggle ★ La Lucha PDF – March 11, 2024

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  • Part-time jobs, no benefits: The real state of the working class
  • When it rains it pours: flood victims ask, ‘Who’s to blame?’
  • Bombs over babies: What about the children?
  • Nex Benedict’s death must be a turning point in the fight for trans lives!
  • A trans woman reflects on International Women’s Day
  • Twin manias: AI frenzy and war boom inflate stock market
  • ‘Let them eat flakes’: Highest food costs in 30 years
  • Prices surge as military spending prolongs crisis
  • Read ‘Exploring the Police State’
  • Gaza: Tens of thousands march in Los Angeles
  • Fifty thousand march in New York City
  • Honor Aaron Bushnell, free Palestine!
  • Michigan continues to demand ‘ceasefire now!’
  • PFLP: Occupier lies about starvation massacre, international reaction a disgrace
  • Hundreds rally in Jackson Heights: ‘Bangladesh stands with Palestine’
  • Ukraine continues attacks on civilians after capture of Avdeevka
  • Let’s GO to Cuba – experience it for yourself
  • Las mujeres cubanas condenan genocidio palestino y bloqueo norteamericano

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