Struggle ★ La Lucha PDF – September-October 2023

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  • All out to defend trans lives & fight racism
  • Stop Cop City: Free the activists!
  • What will it take to stop racist police terror?
  • Class struggle is back! 150,000 Auto Workers poised to strike
  • DeSantis vs. Black and Indigenous history
  • Let Cuba Live Coalition builds solidarity in Los Angeles
  • Harlem street naming honors Black Panthers
  • Interview with Oct. 7 organizer: ‘Standing up for trans people is self-defense for all workers’
  • On the anniversary of Katrina: Capitalist murder is not a ‘natural disaster’
  • MAUI FIRES: Biden’s request to Congress shows priorities
  • Imperialism and the new Cold War
  • The people of Niger are fed up
  • A 7 años de Junta de Control Fiscal dictatorial

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