Struggle ★ La Lucha PDF – August 14, 2023

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  • Jail Trump for racism & war crimes
  • The revolutionary spirit of Minnie Bruce Pratt
  • The Supreme Court has no compassion for working-class families!
  • TAMPA 5 SOLIDARITY: ‘Protesting is not a crime’
  • A racist scab
  • Transit and rent hikes are wholesale robberies
  • Solidarity in New York with the people of Peru
  • Mutulu Shakur’s life & legacy
  • The U.S. ‘act of war’ against China
  • Biden sends $345 million in weapons to Taiwan
  • French authorities escalate repression
  • Solidarity statement for Philippines
  • NYC meeting salutes 70th anniversary of Cuban Revolution’s beginning
  • Coast-to-coast book tour introduces Cleophas Williams
  • Pentagon prepares to expand troops in Ukraine
  • JoAnn Watson, beloved Detroit leader, dies
  • Women in Struggle rejects U.S./EU hostility to Cuba
  • NIGER: Old Europe on trial
  • Black Alliance for Peace: Condemn call for ECOWAS-led military invasion of Niger
  • En peligro juventud boricua
  • Eventos del Cerro de los Mártires
  • Mujeres en Lucha rechaza hostilidad de EE.UU. y la UE hacia Cuba

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