Struggle ★ La Lucha PDF – April 17, 2023

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  • Fascists threaten, Biden concedes: Organize & fight for trans rights!
  • Help send a LGBTQ+ delegation to CUBA
  • NOLA high school students walk out, leading hundreds in the streets
  • Los Angeles-area strikes show: Labor’s sleeping giant is awakening
  • Los Angeles students support school workers’ strike, oppose armed police
  • Trans rights protest shuts down Hollywood traffic
  • Trans youth and families flood Washington streets to demand rights
  • Christynne Lilly Wood: Trans women are a threat to no one
  • Unemployment & wage cuts won’t lower prices
  • The capitalist crisis is just beginning
  • Angel Reese and the long legacy of racist hypocrisy in sports
  • Lock him up!
  • While Biden unleashes climate bomb in Alaska, Cyclone Freddy ravages Eastern Africa
  • Cómo el gobierno cubano y su pueblo colaboraron en el Código de Familia

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