Struggle ★ La Lucha PDF – January 23, 2023

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  • Japan rearms at U.S. urging: Threatens war vs. China, North Korea, Russia
  • Reflections on the passing of Wadiya Jamal
  • KING DAY IN LA: For justice, against police terror and U.S. war
  • Taking ‘gaslighting’ to a new level: Gas stoves as a political diversion
  • ‘Instead of focusing on Russia, look at the planners of this war’
  • ‘Anti-war movement must be built on foundation of solidarity’
  • Ukrainian anti-fascist: ‘Continue telling the truth about what’s happening in Donbass’
  • Stop the U.S. war on Donbass, Russia and China!
  • Capitalism’s war on railroad workers
  • France: Over 2 million march, strike against pension cuts
  • Nuclear fusion hype: A boost for U.S. armaments, not clean energy
  • Charlene Mitchell presente!
  • Zelensky complicit in corporate takeover of Ukraine: ‘It’s an investment’
  • Cases reopened: Maryland’s former chief medical examiner covered up police killings
  • En Puerto Rico, gobierno a espaldas del pueblo
  • Día de reyes en Puerto Rico

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