Struggle ★ La Lucha PDF – December 5, 2022

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  • As railroad workers fight for dignity and sick leave: Stop government strikebreaking!
  • Shooting at Club Q reflects rising fascist terror
  • Trans community defies police repression, shuts down hate rally
  • Twitter, Facebook mass layoffs: Demand worker-community control of social media
  • National Day of Mourning 2022: From #LandBack to bodily autonomy, Indigenous leadership is key
  • Message from Leonard Peltier: ‘ The world now faces the challenges our people foretold’
  • Leonard Peltier Walk to Justice culminates in Washington, D.C.
  • Democrats show true colors with allegiance to war and enabling of fascism
  • Crocodile tears for Ukraine as millions of U.S. families suffer utility shutoffs
  • Activists denounce FBI attacks on Black liberation group
  • James Baldwin, corporate media and the red herring of ‘Black antisemitism’
  • Biden, everyone knows Cuba is not a terrorist country!
  • MOSCOW: United Communist Party activists attend opening of monument to Fidel Castro
  • ‘Leaving no one and no place behind’: Zimbabwe is moving ahead
  • In latest election, Nicaraguans decisively reject attempted U.S. subversion
  • U.S. on hot seat at Sharm el-Sheikh climate meeting
  • La lucha del pueblo vs. gobierno en Puerto Rico

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