Struggle ★ La Lucha PDF – September 26, 2022

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  • Protesters challenge war profiteers’ summit
  • The Donbass referendum and blood on Biden’s hands
  • Railroad workers have had enough
  • New Orleans abortion rights protest blocks busy Bourbon St.
  • Biden adds billions in Ukraine ‘aid,’ pushing total to $70 billion
  • Fear of an educated working class
  • The great revolutionary Saladin Muhammad joins the ancestors
  • Struggle for trans rights and socialism go hand in hand
  • Supporters of Leonard Peltier demand ‘clemency now!’
  • From the Tops Market massacre to Ukraine’s war crimes in Donbass
  • A day of solidarity with prisoners and formerly incarcerated people
  • How can we respond to U.S. crisis and threat of world war?
  • Punishing Cuba: the self-serving ‘State Sponsors of Terror’ list
  • Sri Lanka: The struggle continues
  • Pakistan floods and capitalist-fueled climate change
  • Continúa la lucha sobre la energía en Puerto Rico

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